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Our team


Managing Director

Having engaged in research career for more than 20 years, there are very few marketing issues, research methodologies and sectors that Eleanor has never experienced.

She has orchestrated numerous complicated research projects, in which she deployed her analytical mind and critical eye to deliver insights and unveil opportunities for clients.

Bearing entrepreneurial genes, Eleanor always loves playing a role in shaping a company’s development. As a trusted advisor, she is keen to discern questions and consideration that are not yet on the clients’ agenda. 

Eleanor is a methodological researcher. She is very particular about the design of a research, while always endeavors to go beyond the boundaries of undertaking unconventional methodologies to answer client's research needs in the most accurate and effective manner. 



Managing Director

Clive is Managing Director of NuanceTree. With more than 19 years of experience, he is actively working for his clients as a qualitative researcher and workshop facilitator. Fieldwork of his projects covers mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, whereas few cross-regional projects also takes place in South East Asia and Europe.


Clive has built his reputation by helping multi-national brands in successful new product launch and revamp, from needs identification to segmentation, ideation to co-creation, and concept/product evaluation to channel strategy. Most of his clients have been working with him for years.



Chief Financial Officer

Shirley has vast experience in advertising, media and marketing service industries. She is a trusted financial partner and sees her role beyond a CFO. Being a facilitator of the business, she spends considerable time speaking to colleagues and clients to understand the business in order to cut to the chase and come up with flexible and insightful solution while keeping the gate tight. She is an approachable and trusted advisor. Positivism is her key to life!


Outside the office, she is a mum of three “monkeys” (boys!).  While she enjoys co-creating bedtime stories with the monkeys, she also has passion to do a wide range of things, like Yoga, cooking, drawing and travelling.  Although all these are in conflict with her schedule, she will try to strike the balance of life like the circus acrobat.




With over 12 years of experience in qualitative research, Florence has vast experience in conducting focus groups and depth interviews for various categories, including personal care, household products, food & beverages, finance and media.  Her sharp eyes and ears also bring insightful suggestions to clients for their business growth and strategy planning via discovering nuances in consumers’ behavior and attitudes.  


Florence is an expert in different types of research such as usage & attitude study, product concept testing, customer experience, usability testing, communication check and post campaign evaluation. 


Florence's patient and approachable personality allows her to talk to consumers of different lifestyles and life stages comfortably, ranging from senior management of large corporations, high net-worths, moms, kids to seniors. 




Lawrence has over 10 years of experience in market research. He has expertise in market entry, brand positioning and product innovation. He works closely with international corporations, in fields such as fashion, skincare, personal care, luxury, sports, and home appliances. He especially manages cross region studies, as he spent many years in America and is highly in tune with both Chinese and Western cultures. His insight in Chinese consumers behavior and social development has helped global clients to better adapt their brand positioning and products ideas into China with a strong and clear cultural relevance.




Rachel has more than 15-year experience in international research agencies and is passionate in helping clients identify essential insights from consumers.


She is experienced in brand and communication, product innovation and development, market segmentation and customer experience. Over the years, she has been working closely with clients from banking and finance, food and beverage, catering, personal care, nutrition, telecommunication and trade organizations for strategic insights. Her work is not only within Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland, but also across Asia.


While research figures may look dull to some, Rachel believes that figures can be alive and tell interesting stories about what consumers want, need and experience. Let’s start hearing what the consumers say through figures.




Kate has over 10 years of experience in the market research industry with rich experience across different types of research studies.  Working on projects from concept & product evaluation, advertising research, to brand health tracking with clients from FMCG & service sectors over these years, Kate believes curiosity is one key factor driving her to dig into the numbers and uncover findings and insights to solve client’s business problems.  She is also a good listener, listening to the needs of both clients and consumers.



Marco has more than 10 years of qualitative research experience. He has worked extensively with key accounts such as Hong Kong Disneyland, Mead Johnson, HSBC, etc. Being an open-minded researcher, he is never shy of doing something new and applying new research methodologies, e.g. NETnography (conducting ethnography online). Other than working on projects in his home city, Hong Kong, he also made frequent trips to China, Taiwan and various Asian markets to work on regional projects. Despite Marco’s frequent business trips, he spends his holidays on even more trips, visiting wild & exotic places, meeting strange but friendly faces.

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