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Discovery of Opportunities

Unearthing consumers' authentic emotions and insights

Business Issue

The client, an international furniture brand, wants to understand influencing factors of consumers’ purchase decision that take place not just during the consideration process and the purchase process, but even before consumers realize they want to buy something. However, how can consumers discuss something that lies in their subconscious minds?


NuanceTree conducted workshop with 10 to 12 consumers. The workshop was no typical group discussion, where a moderator asks questions and respondents answer. Instead, the moderator acted as a facilitator, while respondents were encouraged to discuss among themselves. There were also small group activities, where respondents were broken into small teams to discuss and fulfil tasks given to them. This way, respondents are much more engaged and the moderator can unearth authentic emotions and insights from consumers.  



NuanceTree's workshop motivates consumers to think hard, dig deep, and talk openly. The client was able to discover new factors that influence purchase behavior and new touch points to reach consumers before they even realize they want to buy new furniture.


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