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Strategic Output

Identifying the right business question

Business Issue

While sunglasses market for adults is pretty saturated with lots of international fashion brands, some key trends are favourable to kids’ sunglasses segment, such as risks prone to kids’ optic health (early use of digital gadgets and outdoor activities) and increasing spending on kids from parents. The client would like to assess the potential of kids’ sunglasses market and possible directions a new brand should go for. 


Having spoken to moms, who are decision makers of their kids’ sunglasses, we found out that consumers are generally satisfied with the current product offerings in the market. Moms still rely on traditional channels, while opticians play a strong role in product choice and shaping consumers’ perceptions towards brands. Though, paying a visit to optical shop with kids can be a hurdle of purchase.  



Client is reviewing their business model and seeking ways of breakthrough in traditional sales channel.


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