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Discovery of Opportunities

Unfolding the unknown among consumers

Business Issue

Kitchen Towel was stagnant over the past years in Hong Kong, whereas the category usage incidence in other developed Asian markets has increased significantly. The Client did not understand why Hong Kong housewives use less comparatively, and wondered if there would be any ways to boost up the usage and hence, the business performance. 


Instead of asking the consumers why not they use more, we went to their home and observe how the housewives were using the category. Their real life usage simply revealed that the users were not aware of how to make full use of Kitchen Towel. We have identified the so-called “unknown usage occasions" as well as the right information channels and activations to the Client, so that consumer education campaigns can be implemented to drive more usage occasions.  



Client is now actively developing their education campaigns to introduce "new ways" of usage in digital platforms selected based on the research finding.


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