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Better Methodologies

Mobile App: gauging customers' touchpoints

Business Issue

The infant milk formula (IMF) category reaches its potential customers through many different touch points, from traditional advertising to digital, retail to ethical channels, mothers club activities to sampling, etc. In order to optimise resources allocation, the client would need to have a clear understanding of customers’ decision journey as well as the role of different touch points at different point of time.


Instead of using a conventional research that asks mothers to recall from their memory on their exposure to different touch points and the power of influence each touch point has, NuanceTree followed a group of expectant mums from their second trimester of pregnancy to delivery of the baby. Any encounter with IMF brands was recorded via a mobile App right at the moment of truth. Fine details about the interaction with IMF brands were clearly revealed.   



Research findings help the client enhance effectiveness in influencing its target customers.  


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