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Better Methodologies

NETnography: beyond enthnography

Business Issue

The Client, a theme park operator, is often considered “childish” by young adults and has difficulties attracting them. Hence, the client wanted to obtain a better understanding of the meaning of “cool” to young adults, so that they can develop communications more relevant to them.


To answer this question, NuanceTree made use of a methodology called NETnography – conducting ethnography online: since the topic is about “cool”, it’s a perfect match with Facebook where people show everything “cool” on their own page. We asked respondents to open up their Facebook page for us to observe, followed by a week of online interaction sessions. With the immensely rich findings, extensive analysis were conducted afterwards to identify different “types of cool”. Not only were the results highly insightful in themselves, they were also used as stimuli in subsequent focus groups for further exploration on the topic.



With a clear understanding of young adults’ idea of “cool” and style of communications they find relevant, the Client developed their communications accordingly, e.g. when they made one of their print-ads, they adopted a photo shooting style similar to selfie with filters, which is more inline of what young adults are doing nowadays.


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