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Better Methodologies

Tracking with online dashboard

Business Issue

To cope with more and more competitive market, building strong customer relationship and strengthening customer loyalty are important for business growth.  Therefore, the Client would like to measure and monitor the Net Promoter Score of their brand as well as their key competitors over time to evaluate brand performance and identify actionable directions for the brand.


Continuous tracking study is conducted to ensure the impact of market activities can be monitored.  Monthly online dashboard with key performance scores employed to allow the Client to keep a close eye on their performance and to play around with the data by the interactive capability of the tool.  While more thorough analyses are provided on a quarterly basis to give specific directions for the brand, market happenings, including marketing activities and consumer comments on social networks, are also investigated to help explain the change in NPS scores. 



Net Promoter Score has become an essential KPI of the company, and the Client actively seeks findings from the study to guide their marketing decisions.


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